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Re: ldapsearch against AD for large groups (>1000 members)

Antti Tikkanen wrote:

I am not sure if this is an OpenLDAP thing or an AD thing.

Don't know the details about AD but I guess it's not an OpenLDAP issue since I used OpenLDAP client in a test to query a group entry with 200000 member values from Netscape DS 4.1x.

When I use
ldapsearch to get the members of an AD group with more than 1000 members,
I only receive the first 1000:

# ldapsearch -LL '(cn=testgroup)'
dn: CN=testgroup,<...>

Seems playing with the ;range sub-type when explicitly requesting attributes might be interesting...

But why do you want to retrieve all members? In most applications this does not scale very well anyway.

Ciao, Michael.