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OpenLDAP and failover

hi all,

is there someone who have experience with OpenLDAP and fail over ?

I know there are few softwares solutions (for example linux-ha project
or linuxvirtualserver) but i think there are some problem :

with round robin dns, if there is one ldap server down, all operation
failed half a time, imho, it is very hugly with libnss-ldap as example
(moreover, i think an additionnal parameter like timeout in the
libnss-ldap.conf will be useful)

with load balancing, i think there is no problem with all reading
operations, but if one client write on the slave ldap server, i
believe the master is not updated, isn't it ?

it's possible to have two ldap server and have one which is the master
of the other ?

I hope you can help me, i don't want use commercial solution ! ;)

Thank you very much, best regards.

Bruno Bonfils                                 http://www.debian-fr.org