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Re: access control: <who>=domain

Have you enabled reverse lookups?

At 02:34 AM 2002-06-17, Laurent Capelli wrote:
>I have install OpenLDAP 2.0.23 on a Linux RH7.2 machine
>with the following command line:
>    configure --prefix=/usr/local/OpenLDAP --enable-dnssrv
>The OpenLDAP slapd server works well but I can't put
>access control command like:
>    access to * by domain=".*\.in2p3\.fr" read
>The server starts but I can't read anythings on its...
>Here after the log message:
>May 13 14:07:17 xxx slapd[6794]: <= check a_domain_pat: .*.in2p3.fr 
>May 13 14:07:17 xxx slapd[6794]: <= acl_mask: no more <who> clauses,
>=n (stop) 
>May 13 14:07:17 xxx slapd[6794]: => access_allowed: read access denied by =n 
>Thanks for help