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RE: Compile OpenLDAP 2.0.23

Try the admin guide. Specifically,

Also you should probably get 2.0.25 as there are a number of bugfixes beyond
2.0.23... If you're using this for the first time you should probably skip
2.0 completely and just start with 2.1.2.

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Subject: Compile OpenLDAP 2.0.23

As the list probably already knows I'm fairly new to Linux / Samba.  Please
bare with me.  =)

I've managed to compile OpenLDAP 2.0.23.  The first compile went wrong.
Anyway, 1 day later after apt-get' ting any packages with "lib" / "dev" and
those that sound like they belong in the build =) I got it to compile
correctly....  I didn't want to apt-get the old version of OpenLDAP from the
debian packages so I did it this way.

Finally the QUESTION:  After I get a good grip on OpenLDAP I'd like to blow
away the Machine and start the Debian install from scratch.  This time I'd
like to do it write.  Install only those packages needed to install OpenLDAP
(and of course SAMBA).

Where can I find all the NAMES of the dependencies / packages / compilers I
need to have on the machine in order to get this beast compiled correctly?
I've searched google for "openLDAP dependencies compile"  and other keywords
with no luck.  Can someone point me to a URL?

Really appreciate any answers the list can provide.