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uniqueMember search fails


When I issue an ldapsearch for a match on uniqueMember, it fails
when any wildcards are used.  Apparently wildcards don't
work on attributes like "member" and "uniqueMember",
that use the "dn" syntax.  How can I use wildcards on such

For example, this search works fine:
  $ ldapsearch -x -b dc=testorg,dc=org -h localhost:3890 '(uniqueMember=uid=mem100,ou=people,dc=testorg,dc=org)'

But any wild cards return 0 results or an error message:

  $ ldapsearch -x -b dc=testorg,dc=org -h localhost:3890 '(uniqueMember=uid=mem100,ou=people,dc=testorg,dc=*)'
  (no results)

  $ ldapsearch -x -b dc=testorg,dc=org -h localhost:3890 '(uniqueMember=uid=mem*,ou=people,dc=testorg,dc=org)'
  ldap_result: Can't contact LDAP server

Do you know how I can get wild cards working on fields like
uniqueMember and member, that use the "dn" syntax?

I'm running OpenLDAP 2.0.23 on Redhat 7.3 on a Pentium.

The ldif file used to load it:

dn: testList=voting,testSet=steering,testSet=closed,ou=lists,dc=testorg,dc=org
objectclass: top
objectclass: testListClass
ou: lists
testSet: closed
testSet: steering
testList: voting
owner: uid=oowens,ou=people,dc=testorg,dc=org
uniqueMember: uid=mem100,ou=people,dc=testorg,dc=org
uniqueMember: uid=mem101,ou=people,dc=testorg,dc=org

The slapd.conf definition is:
objectclass ( NAME 'testListClass'
	SUP top
	MUST ( ou $ testSet $ testList $ owner )
	MAY ( description $ uniqueMember ) )

Many many thanks for any hints!