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ldap_set_option (may be off topic)

Hi All,

Excuse me if this is off topic, but I can't put my finger on it..

I was busy with a php-tool accessing an LDAP database. I did change the
ACL of openLDAP2.0.23, and suddenly my apache+php stopped working. When
I remove extension=ldap.so from php.ini, apache responds again, but
then I don't have ldap support in php any more.

With the 'extension=ldap.so', apache starts, but won't respond to a
request (client is infinitely waiting for a reply).

When I check apache's error.log, I see:

apache: options.c:328: ldap_set_option: Assertion `( ( ld )->ld_options.ldo_valid == 0x2 )' failed.

As I use the same combination of apache/php and ldap.so on a different
machine (where everything works fine!), and I only changed a bit with
the openLDAP ACL's, I suspect the error be with openLDAP. I don't know
how I caused this error, though. Has it something to do with the ldap
libraries on the system? I verified those with the other (working)
system, but the libraries have the same size and date....

Can anyone help me with this, or point me to the right places?

Thanks in advance!


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