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Re: How to create ou

Andreas Moroder writes:
> ldap_add: Object class violation
> the hosts.ldif looks like
> dn: ou=Hosts, dc=sb-brixen,dc=it
> createtimestamp: 20010524065817Z
> modifiersname: uid=cyrus,dc=sb-brixen,dc=it
> modifytimestamp: 20010524065817Z
> creatorsname: uid=cyrus,dc=sb-brixen,dc=it
> ou: Hosts
> objectclass: top

You need to add 'objectclass: organizationalunit'.
An object's object classses describes which attributes must be present
and which ones may be present.  You did not have an objectclass which
allowed 'ou' to present.

See the schema definitions in etc/openldap/schema/.
organizationalunit is in the file core.schema.