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case sensitivity in DNs

Hallo everybody,

I am very new in LDAP and I am afraid I will ask you very common question. I was googling for case sensitivity in DNs in OpenLDAP, and found following:

At 05:31 PM 8/28/00 +0200, Ian Maloney wrote:
>I am trying to add 2 entries to a directory with the following 2 DNs
>(note the slight case difference in p2pPrnName values)
>dn: p2pPrnName=MYpr, ou=p2pPrinterQ, ou=Services, o=ubs.com
>dn: p2pPrnName=MyPr, ou=p2pPrinterQ, ou=Services, o=ubs.com
>The add of the second entry fails with error=68  (i.e. already exists)
>This is despite the fact that the attribute p2pPrnName is defined as
>Case Exact String (ces) making the two p2pPrnName attribute values
>The question is: Is this result,
>    a) standard (RFC defined) behaviour, i.e. dn can *never* be case
>sensitive ?


>    b) only an implementation issue,

yes.  Some servers place restrictions upon RDN type/value pairs.
Some servers disallow multiple RDN type/value pairs.  Some
servers place other restrictions upon naming.

Many U-Mich derived implementations, including OpenLDAP,
effectively limit DNs to attribute types which have case
insensitive matching.


I wonder if answer was indeed correct and DNs are indeed not case sensitive. Please also notice that message above was published 2 years ago!
If DN's in OpenLDAP are really not case sensitive and I nevertheless have to have case sensitivity, what would be best from your point of view workaround (I can imagine several, but I am sure there may better ones)?

Thanx a lot for your help,

Vadim Tarassov.

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