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Re: ldap_init() & ldap_initialize()

At 05:18 AM 2002-06-10, samuel.osouf wrote:
>> At 05:23 AM 2002-06-07, samuel.osouf wrote:
>> >Could someone tell me the difference between
>> >ldap_init() & ldap_initialize() ??
>> ldap_init() can only initialize LDAP over TCP
>> sessions.  ldap_initialize() can initialize
>> LDAP over TCP, LDAP over SSL (over TCP), and
>> LDAP over IPC.
>> >what's the purpose of this ldap_initialize() 
>> >function that drafts don't mention ?
>> To provide an extensible API for session 
>> >isn't  ldap_init()  sufficient, as in § 5. of 
>> >draft-ietf-ldapext-ldap-c-api-05.txt  ?
>> No.
>> Kurt
>Thanks for your answers but they're a bit short !
>You say _init() is unsufficient. So what do I use 
>in my ldap client source code ? BOTH ? _init() OR 
>_initialize() ?? ONLY _initialize() ?? I'm a bit 

If you want to initialize sessions which ldap_init()
cannot, use ldap_initialize().  If you want greater
flexibility and extensibility, use ldap_initialize().

>Moreover, i didn't find many differences in _init()
>source code & _initialize() source code, but i'm 
>just a beginner...
>Is the difference in the fact that _initialize() 
>allows "ldapS://<host>" while _init() needs to 
>specify "PORT = 636" ?

The difference is that ldap_init() is only initializes
LDAP over TCP sessions.  If you want to use LDAP
over SSL (e.g., ldaps://), then you should use

>One last :
>Why isn't _initialize() documented ?
>because it's "OpenLDAP-specific ?"

There is no man page because nobody has written it yet.