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Re: Is slapadd/slapindex broke or am I doing something wrong??

On Jun 3 at 3:17pm, Frank Swasey wrote:

> - on the production machine:
>   - made sure ldap was not running and the database directory is empty
>   - slapadd -v -l uvm.ldif
>   - slapindex -v
>   - service ldap start
>   A search "ldapsearch -x netid=fcs" fails with error 32 (no object)

Sorry to answer my own email, but just in case someone else is as dumb
as I am.... the problem was that I ran slapadd and slapindex as ROOT and
I didn't chown the resulting files to "ldap" (the user slapd runs as)...

DUH!  No wonder :(

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