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Is slapadd/slapindex broke or am I doing something wrong??

I am in the middle of relocating my ldap server from the test setup to
what will be come the production environment.  My test setup is openldap
2.0.23 on RedHat Linux 7.2 and my production environment is openldap
2.0.23 on RedHat Linux 7.3.  I hand built the 2.0.23 on the test
machine, and am using the RedHat version in the production environment.

TO move the database, I did the following:

- on the test machine:
  - service ldap stop
  - slapcat >uvm.ldif
  - scp the uvm.ldif file to the production machine

- on the production machine:
  - made sure ldap was not running and the database directory is empty
  - slapadd -v -l uvm.ldif
  - slapindex -v
  - service ldap start

  A search "ldapsearch -x netid=fcs" fails with error 32 (no object)

  So, I ...

  - service ldap stop
  - rm -rf /var/lib/ldap/uvm.edu/*
  - service start ldap
  - egrep -v '^creat|^modif' uvm.ldif | ldapadd -x -D Manager info...

  Now, the search "ldapsearch -x netid=fcs" finds the entry

I'm confused!  What did I do wrong with slapcat/slapadd/slapindex???

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