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Re: usercertificate ldap v2 old {ASN} format possible?

OpenLDAP 2.0 support for LDAPv2 assume one restricts
attribute descriptions and value representations to
common subset which are valid in both LDAPv2 and LDAPv3.
Certificate attributes are not in this common subset.


At 12:28 PM 2002-05-31, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
>2483deef.jpg usercertificate ldap v2 old {AS.ems<file://c:\home\kurt\data files\eudora\attach\usercertificate ldap v2 old {AS.ems <0880.0002>> 
>*** PGP Signature Status: good
>*** Signer: Bernhard Reiter <bernhard@intevation.de> (Invalid)
>*** Signed: 2002-05-31 12:28:37 PM
>*** Verified: 2002-05-31 12:36:24 PM
>Can I set up an openldap server using a modern openldap version
>to mimic the old LDAP v2 behaviour?
>Especially regarding userCertificate and the old way of using the
>{ASN}xxxxxxhexcodexxxxx syntax?
>If using ldapsearch from openldap 2.0.23 and specifying -P2
>I do get the old syntax as result, e.g.:
>        ldapsearch -P2 -x -b "c=uk" -h sphinx500.bsi.bund.de -L
>Of course using the default with out -P2 
>it is returned as usercertificate;binary thus it seems to be upward compatible.
>However I've found not way to insert data in my openldap server
>to give the same result. I cannot enter it with usercertificate: {ASN}xxxx
>and if I use certificate;binary I do not get the old syntax returned.
>        Any ideas?
>I've been reading
>which explained some things to be. It still leaves me a bit confused.
>If you have good pointers to read I'd appreciate it, too.
>        Bernhard

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