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usercertificate ldap v2 old {ASN} format possible?

Can I set up an openldap server using a modern openldap version
to mimic the old LDAP v2 behaviour?
Especially regarding userCertificate and the old way of using the
{ASN}xxxxxxhexcodexxxxx syntax?

If using ldapsearch from openldap 2.0.23 and specifying -P2
I do get the old syntax as result, e.g.:
	ldapsearch -P2 -x -b "c=uk" -h sphinx500.bsi.bund.de -L
Of course using the default with out -P2 
it is returned as usercertificate;binary thus it seems to be upward compatible.

However I've found not way to insert data in my openldap server
to give the same result. I cannot enter it with usercertificate: {ASN}xxxx
and if I use certificate;binary I do not get the old syntax returned.

	Any ideas?

I've been reading
which explained some things to be. It still leaves me a bit confused.
If you have good pointers to read I'd appreciate it, too.


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