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Re: Basic Steps to get SASL working?

>>>>> "Fozia" == Fozia Zaidi <fzaidi@karthika.com> writes:

    Fozia> So you're telling me taht Kerberos is required?  I was
    Fozia> under the impression that Kerberos is 'a' mechanism option
    Fozia> under sasl, thus it is not necessary to have it installed

That's right. You can use OpenLDAP with SASL alone, without using
Kerberos, but:

    Fozia> For starters I want to get the basic PLAIN mechanism
    Fozia> working.  Later on, I'll try and get Kerberos installed and
    Fozia> get that working.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Do you want Kerberos or not?
If you do, why do you want SASL (alone)?