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Howto for personal adresbooks


I've written a small howto for implementing personal and shared adressbooks in
turba using an Openldap server. THis isn't rocketscience, but Turba has the very
fine ability to actually let the users _add_ new entries easily to their own
adressbooks (!). No other mailclient I know of with ldap support can do this
(please correct me if I'm wrong). Turba also has a very nice import/export

Turba is the addressbook part of the know webmailclient imp (www.horde.org).
You'll need the latest version of the horde framework  (rc3 of the 3.1 version
of imp/hode/turba). But, I havent seen ONE glith sofar.

Thanks to the Horde/Turba folks. 


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