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SLURPD and back-sql

I currently use back-sql patch on openldap to utilize a Sybase backend. I have this working just fine, however I am looking at alowing people to SLURP my LDAP. Since I have the database backend, I do a lot of populating directly, via triggers and proxies, to the database backend to supply data from our Identity Management System (IDMS) and what not. Hence I want to keep the database backend open, and this is not to say I don't use the LDAP front end for handling data. Unfortunately SLUPRD only appears to sync data via changes made through the front end and not the backend. (Personally, I have never liked the idea of syncing based on front end entry as apposed to presistence of the backend.) I have been considering doing some sort of cronjob via ldapdiff or maybe building a repository to push out via triggers. Has anyone looked at this before, or have suggestions?