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Re: slapd not cluster aware

At 06:55 AM 2002-05-29, Susanne Benkert wrote:
>As we found out there are still open sockets with status "TIME_WAIT" from
>threads of the (closed) slapd instance. Until these sockets are closed from
>host side or have reached their timeout, slapd cannot restart.

slapd sets SO_REUSEADDR, if supported, so sockets in TIME_WAIT
shouldn't matter.

>PS. I asked a similar question on this list some time ago and the answer
>from Thomas Nau led me to find where the problem lies, but I still don't
>know to fix it. I already tried to set "SO_REUSEADDR=1", but this didn't
>work. So I hope anybody can give me some advise.

If SO_REUSEADDR isn't defined in the system headers, setting it
otherwise likely won't help.