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AD - OpenLDAP synchronisation or replication

Title: AD - OpenLDAP synchronisation or replication

Hi everybody,

Firstly, thanks to all OpenLDAP's developpers, it is a great product, that i'm using for 2 years accross different OSs!

So now about my problem...

In my company, I'm working on the LDAP project in order to use it for users and system accounts (we have something like 700 accounts) on the UNIX servers. Most of our servers are IBM AIX 4.3.3 (in order to authentificate users by LDAP, I'm using a module developped by Kyle Chapman (great thanks for his help)), our LDAP server is OpenLDAP 2.0.23 (compilled on AIX 4.3.3 with SSL and SASL options).

For Mico$oft NT and 2000 servers, as for workstations, we are using Windows 2000 Active Directory. All our users who have to access UNIX servers, are registred inside of AD. We have also 300 accounts dedicated to system accounts (Database...).

So, I'm looking for any possibilities to connect AD and LDAP (AD is using LDAPv3, but it has a proprietary synchronisation protocol). I heard that there are special connectors for AD to link it with others (commercial directories, why not OpenLDAP?). An ldif export should be allways possible, but we are looking for a real solution (replication of a part of a tree).

Does anybody know any possibilities to do it? (any usefull informations are welcome).

Best regards,

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