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I've experienced exactly the same confusion and frustrations
over the lack of good implementation and configuration 
documentation for LDAP and SASL.

Here's two books that have been somewhat useful:

* Understanding and Deployeing LDAP Directory Services, "Howes, Smith and
Good", ISBN  1-57870-070-1
* LDAP - Programming Directory-Enabled Applications with Lightweight
Directory access protocol,
"Howes, Smith" , ISBM 1-57870-000-0

Both these books only cover LDAPv2 however. But they
do  help in developing a much better understanding of LDAP in general.

Are there any good books for SASL around?

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On Thu, May 30, 2002 at 08:52:30AM -0400, Brian K. Jones wrote:
> LINKS!!!!  Any links are begged for.  I'm not too lazy to RTFM - I've
> read a few RFC's already and a million articles which have convinced
> that this is the right way to do certain things - now I need to know
> HOW.  

I'm also caught on this (as well as how to set up SASL correctly) if
you have any joy, then I don't suppose you could put your experiences
(and the links ;) up on a page somewhere? It might well be useful to
others too.



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