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Re: ldapsearch with wildcards

nate wrote:
> i am trying to get postfix to work with ldap, as part
> of it i am running test searches against my ldap db to see
> what kind of search i need to setup in postfix.
> anyways, i am having trouble doing a wildcard search,
> if i search for an exact entry, e.g.:
> ldapsearch -H 'ldap://'  -b
> ou=People,o=linuxpowered,c=us -LLL
> "(mailRoutingAddress=nate@myrelay.linuxpowered.net)"
> i get the entry no problem. but if i try
> ldapsearch -H 'ldap://'  -b
> ou=People,o=linuxpowered,c=us -LLL "(mailRoutingAddress=nate@myrelay*)"
> i get nothing back. just a new prompt.

"mailRoutingAddress" does not support substring match
(it is not meant as a search attribute, but only as 
a value to return); note that also "mailLocalAddress"
requires exact (case-insensitive) match. Use the "mail"
attribute if you need substring match, or define your 
own mail routing attribute.

See $ETCDIR/schema/misc.schema for hints.


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