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ldapsearch with wildcards

i am trying to get postfix to work with ldap, as part
of it i am running test searches against my ldap db to see
what kind of search i need to setup in postfix.

anyways, i am having trouble doing a wildcard search,
if i search for an exact entry, e.g.:

ldapsearch -H 'ldap://'  -b
ou=People,o=linuxpowered,c=us -LLL

i get the entry no problem. but if i try

ldapsearch -H 'ldap://'  -b
ou=People,o=linuxpowered,c=us -LLL "(mailRoutingAddress=nate@myrelay*)"

i get nothing back. just a new prompt.

i've looked over the man page for ldapsearch and it appears to take the
wildcard, but i don't understand why it's not working. If i turn up the
debug i get a bunch of debug info but I cannot determine what is failing
from that info.

I am expecting this to be something stupid so hopefully its easy
to fix. i'll probably smack myself in the morning for sending this
email :)

i am running openldap 2.0.23 on debian 3.0.