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Simultaneous connection on connection ID.

Hello All,
            Can  more than one thread  created by  same parent who has
already opened a connection with LDAP server ( thus all  threads are
interacting with LDAP server on same connection  )  simultaneously ?
        I asked this question previously may be I could not explain
probelm statement  correctly , no one replied that.
       I have seen  one API in  NETSCAPE  SDK to support
LDAP_OPT_THREAD_FN_PTRS  option of  "ldap_set_option" which  can
facilitatae mutithread LDAP client support ?
          May be OPENLDAP has that support at  server end itself and we
don't need that support at client end, can anybody shed some light  on
multi-threaded client support in openldap.

Thanks and Regards