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I'll confess upfront that, despite being a longtime user, I don't
understand slapd's logging well at all. Maybe I'm just dense, but I think
the descriptions (in the slapd.conf man page and the Administrator's
guide) of what each bit in the loglevel does are nearly impenetrible. Can
anyone clarify...

1) What loglevel bits to set in order to record startup info,
authenticated and anonymouns binds, and shutdown info. This way each bind
generates 1-2 lines in the log, which seems tollerable.

2) What level (INFO, WARN, etc.) does slapd log with? Does it depend on
the event or is it always the same?

3) I have replication working fine, but my replication log is empty. What
is normally replog'd and how do I make it happen? (Yes, I do specify a
file using the replog directive.)

Info from anyone who has a good command of these issues is appreciated.