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ldapmodify question

Hi Everyone,
   I'm trying to figure out whether or not this is possible using 
   We have a list of user email aliases that is taken each night from our 
H.R. database and dumped into a file. I have a perl program that takes the 
information from that file and converts it into LDIF form for entry into 
the OpenLDAP db. 
   More often than not the information doesn't change but when it does I want 
to be able to use ldapmodify/ldapadd to add the changes from the file to the 
LDAP db. 
   The problem lies in the fact that I don't want to try and add items 
such as 'modify','replace', or 'delete' to the LDIF file. I simply want to 
force the changes. From what I'm reading of the documentation that doesn't 
really seem possible.
   I'm hoping that someone on the list can tell me whether or not it is 
actually possible to do?

Harry Hoffman
Systems/Network Engineer
University of Auckland