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slapd memory leak?

I've been testing OpenLDAP 2.0.23 with a benchmarking program that:

   - opens an LDAP connection
   - binds as a user
   - closes the connection

After testing this by trying to connect several times per second for
an extended period of time, it seems that the slapd process memory
usage (as reported by "ps") grows without ever shrinking. Is this
typical? Will it stop growing eventually? Is there a good way to track
down the source of the memory usage? Will this behavior require
periodic restarting of slapd?

I'm not using threads. The dbcachesize is 1,000,000. The operating
system tested is Linux 2.4.7, part of a Red Hat 7.2 installation.

Zachary Beane - xach@gwi.net