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Unable to do a ldapsearch/ldapadd

I'm experimenting with the OpenLDAP+SASL+Kerberos 5,
as shown from http://www.bayour.com/LDAPv3-HOWTO.html.
I'm using RedHat 7.2.

I'm a bit confused on how to add data for the first
time into the LDAP database, i.e. data for the
ldapadm,krbadm, domain, etc.

Do I use slapadd or ldapadd?  If I use slapadd, the
data can be inserted.  But if I use ldapadd, I have an
error of insufficient access.

After adding the data with slapadd, I can't do a
ldapsearch.  The error is No such object.

I've already patch/downloaded the newer gssapi.c
(, so I guess there's no realm problem (when I
run slapd and tee to /tmp/output, the realm is there).

I've already set my ACL to access to * by * write and
default access to write (for the time being only, just
for testing).  So I guess it's not the ACL?

Note that, testing for "ldapsearch -H ldaps:/// -I -b
"" -s base -LLL supportedSASLMechanisms" works well. 
So my guess is that I've inserted the data wrongly
(though slapcat can give me the data).

Also, I use ldapsearch as ldapsearch -H ldaps:/// -I
-b "" -s sub "uid=administrator".  Is this correct? 
Or do I have to add -U/-X?

Thank you.

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