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Help : Netscape user_oc.conf and user_at.conf to local.schema

Hi All,

 I am a very new user(a few hours, really), so please do pardon if my
request makes no sense. In any case, please do respond to help me out. Here

I have been using the Netscape Directory server, and its corresponding java
api for some work. I have to transition to OpenLDAP, and the Novell Java
api; but I am facing some problems regarding the local.schema. How do I
transition from the user_oc.conf and user_at.conf files, (for the Netscape
Directory Server) to the local.schema file which I have to include in the
slapd.conf file ?

Please note that the user_oc.conf and user_at.conf files are very "simple".
I can't include them directly into the slapd.conf file because when I start
slapd, it gives the following errors:
    "old objectclass format not supported" and
    "old attribute type format not supported"

Are there 'tools' available that can transition from user_oc.conf and
user_at.conf files to local.schema file that slapd can understand. The
user_oc.conf and user_at.conf files are very "simple" and the Netscape
directory server doesn't crib if a fictitious OID is used. For example, in
the user_at.conf file, I can create an attribute as simply as

        attribute myNewAttribute cis single

and use that in an objectclass definition in user_oc.conf file as

        objectclass ocMY_TEST_CLASS
          oid ocMY_TEST_CLASS-oid
          superior top

Note: Fake oid used.

What should my approach be now ? How do I go about going from my
user_oc.conf and user_at.conf files (they are pretty big) to the
local.schema files so the slapd understands and works fine.

Any pointers will be welcome...

 Vikram Kaul     vkaul@research.telcordia.com