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LDAP Home dir extraction/creation

Hello all,

I am looking to migrate from flatfile auth to LDAP auth.  I now have a working OpenLDAP auth model on a test server with 23K entries with a clean /etc/passwd file.  Now I have a 2nd server also using auth against this test LDAP server that I need to have the home directories created on for all the users in LDAP and any future users created in LDAP.  I've looked for and found many migration tools that convert from LDAP to flatfile and vice versa but nothing that can pull existing LDAP Home dir information and create those home directories so that I can use Apache's user_dir directive.  I know there is an Apache mod_ldap_userdir but if there is no home directory - how will it work?  This 2nd server will also be running SquirrelMail to connect to the Main Server via LDAP and IMAP but this also requires a home dir to store settings, trash, etc....

Any ideas/scripts/etc?

Also, (a bit off topic...) - where can I modify the default actions that take place upon user creation under RedHat 7.2?  I modified the /etc/skel to include a public_html dir but I need to change the ownership of this dir to username:apache and all files created under this dir to the same.  I'm not a total newbie here but I'm startin' to feel like one!


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