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Re: OpenLDAP as "authentication center" for Notes, Oracle, Samba and phpNuke/Apache

It seems to me as though it would be terribly difficult, if not impossible, to
have OpenLDAP (or any other) work as an "authentication center" for Notes
because Notes uses the rather static .id file located on a user's workstation
for authentication. There are hooks for replacing that mechanism, but I've never
heard of anyone going that way. If you mean authenticating Web users of the Domino
HTTP task, this can be done by adding your OpenLDAP server as an LDAP provider in a
Directory Assistance on the server.  It works.

Samba is in the works. Check the latest release (2.2.3a) which includes support
for LDAP authentication. Best check other mailing lists for this, though...

For Apache, there are many modules. Check the module registry at httpd.apache.org


On Mon, 22 Apr 2002, jakob.grimstveit@starshipping.com wrote:

> Does anyone on this list have some helping documentation/links to
> commerical products offering OpenLDAP as an "authentication center" for
> Notes, Oracle, Samba and phpNuke/Apache?
> Most important is having OpenLDAP work as user authentication mechanism
> for Oracle and Notes.
> Couldn't find any relevant documentation neither via Google searches nor
> within the faq-o-matic (some notes-stuff, but not sufficient...).
> Any help is appreciated!
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