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Re: real life email with ldap. (also IMP)

Is anyone using LDAP to expand_fromaddress, in IMP (ver 3)?
I was thinking of writing a small script to use with IMP to do this.

On Fri, 19 Apr 2002, Adam Williams6 wrote:

> >I'd be interested in hearing real world examples of how people are using 
> >ldap with their email systems (mail routing, imap auth, etc).
> >It looks like we are going that way, and I'd like to explore different methods 
> >of doing so.
> I cover our "how" in my LDAP presentation
> ftp://kalamazoolinux.org/pub/pdf/ldapv3.pdf
> We use LDAP mail routing, LDAP aliases,  LDAP access & relay control, LDAP 
> generic address re-writting, and LDAP authentication.
> I use the described config at my employer and two site I consult for,  
> works great.