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Re: real life email with ldap.

> I'd be interested in hearing real world examples of how people are using
> ldap with their email systems (mail routing, imap auth, etc).

We use Postfix + Cyrus. Postfix requires authentication for relay, Cryus
for login. Both use SASL with pwcheck_method set to PAM, then pam_ldap to
authenticate using our LDAP server. Both Postfix and Cyrus support
TLS encryption to protect these passwords in transit. Postfix also uses
LDAP lookup for aliases and forwarding (using the mailLocalAddress and
mailRoutingAddress attributes (defined in the misc.schema distributed with

After authenticating themselves to our web server over an ssl connection
using Apache's auth_ldap module, our users can view LDAP data and change
their own using a set of custom PHP scripts. I would be very interested if
anyone could point me to a nice, pretty PHP or Perl interface for this
last task, as ours is rather basic.