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Re: web interface

Get WebMin from http://www.webmin.com and the OpenLDAP module from 

Jason Joines

On Friday 19 April 2002 11:35, Joshua S. Freeman wrote:
> As you can see from my sig, I work at the American Museum of Natural
> History in NYC.
> I started there recently.  There are two, relatively orphaned, LDAP
> servers running:  Netscape Directory Server 4.12 and OpenLDAP 2.n (I
> forget the precise version number but it was the latest version as of
> last August when it was installed).
> Netscape Dir. Ser. has, of course, a pretty console app. as well as a
> web gateway that makes administration really straightforward and
> easy.. but... I'm kinda an open source zealot and would rather
> standardize on OpenLDAP.
> Can the people on this list recommend an existing web front-end for
> OpenLDAP that's out there or should we just roll our own in PHP or
> TIA,
> J.
>   Joshua S. Freeman -  Asst. Dir. of IT,  Applications Support
>  American Museum of Natural History - CPW at 79th St., NYC 10024
>       email: jfreeman@amnh.org  web: http://www.amnh.org/
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