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web interface

As you can see from my sig, I work at the American Museum of Natural
History in NYC.

I started there recently.  There are two, relatively orphaned, LDAP
servers running:  Netscape Directory Server 4.12 and OpenLDAP 2.n (I
forget the precise version number but it was the latest version as of last
August when it was installed).

Netscape Dir. Ser. has, of course, a pretty console app. as well as a web
gateway that makes administration really straightforward and easy.. but...
I'm kinda an open source zealot and would rather standardize on OpenLDAP.

Can the people on this list recommend an existing web front-end for
OpenLDAP that's out there or should we just roll our own in PHP or PERL?



  Joshua S. Freeman -  Asst. Dir. of IT,  Applications Support
 American Museum of Natural History - CPW at 79th St., NYC 10024
      email: jfreeman@amnh.org  web: http://www.amnh.org/
desk: (212) 496.3573 mobile: (917) 502.0738 skytel: (888) 562.5844