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Re: ADSI & Openldap - Asc / Desc - "Order by" isn't OK

--On 15 April 2002 14:45 +0100 Eric Piollet <eric.piollet@chpyr.aquisante.fr> wrote:

I use ADSI 2.5 with asp (on NT 4 server) to a openldap (2.0.11) base in a
server (redhat 6.2)
My schema is very simple :
When i use a "select ... from  (ldap://...) where ..." it 's Ok
But when i use "select ... from  (ldap://...) where ... order by ..."
It 's ok
The order of my selection is the same with "order by sn" or "order by
giveName" !!!

My ldap base was created by a ldif file
The order is the same in this file !!!

What is the problem ???

ADSI probably uses the server side sorting control to sort the results. This control is not implemented in slapd.

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