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why doesn't my plain text password show a plain text value?

Hello list,
I'm using openLDAP 2.0.11 without sasl support or SSL.  I add users with plain text passwords, the value in the ldif file is plain text and I'm not using any encryption method as far as I can tell.  But when I check the values in the data base after a record has been added I see the password having some other nonsensical value as if it's been encrypted.  Does anyone have any idea what's happening?  I don't mind it and rather prefer it this way but I'm curios.  I've seen the same thing whether I use openLDAP client commands or a Java program.
This is the command I'm using for adding through openldap.
    ldapmodify -a -d 1 -x -D "cn=Directory Manager, dc=myDC, dc=com" -w secret -f d:\openLDAP\ldifs\addUser.ldif