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Re: ldap master/master/slave propagation

>I am using open ldap 2.0.11 on linux redhat 7.1 (with
>2.4.13 kernel) and I would like to implement the
>following scenario.
>I would like to have an ldap server which acts as a
>slave to one ldap server, but as a master to another
>set of servers.  Is this possible ?
>the reason I want this -- is for centralized
>management, I would like to have 1 ldap MASTER MASTER
>server at the company headquarters, which updates all
>the satelite office ldap master servers via replica
>propagation... but the satellite office master
>servers, should update the slave servers at each
>office location... 
>If the way that I suggested doesnt work, can anyone
>suggest a different way?

How would changes from MASTER be replicated to MASTER MASTER?
The administrative people at the MASTER MASTER location would never see
changes made to a lowly MASTER.

You can daisy-chain replication: MASTER->SLAVE->SLAVE and all the
changes from the slaves should be referred back to the MASTER.  Changes
are usually pretty infrequent (passwords, etc..) and don't use much

Or you could MULTIMASTER<->MULTIMASTER but you cannot chain replication
if you are using MULTIMASTER.