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Re: Netscape Problem due to LDAP 'Unknown error' (0xFFFFFFFF)


I've got the same problem with my netscape 4.74 on linux connecting to
an openldap 2.0.23 on HPUX. Everything works fine, as long as you let
the autocomplete do its work, but if you type fast en hit enter before
netscape can expand the name, it gives that error. So normally, I just
wait until the name was resolved and then hit enter. 

Strangely enough this problem does not occur when using the netscape
ldap server, maybe it does something fishy ? I haven't investigated
further, maybe you could start the server in debug mode and see what
goes wrong ( does netscape manage to connect or does it supply
incomplete parameters ... ). But knowing netscape, it is probably dirty
programming of their part ...



zoff@lzk.ac.at wrote:
> Hi !
> I got openldap 2.0.19 working on solaris 8
> when i use ldapsearch all is well, when i user netscape 4.X (Address
> Feature) the slapd log shows that all is well but netscape says:
> Failes to search 'XXXX' due to LDAP 'Unknown error' (0xFFFFFFFF)
> but with mozilla 0.9.9 it works fine.
> whats happening here any clues ?
>         Zoff.