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Re: how to specify a different keytab file?

On Apr 4 at 3:44pm, Andreas Hasenack wrote:

> With openldap-2.0.22, how can I specify a different keytab file
> for the slapd daemon, instead of the /etc/krb5.keytab one?

On RedHat Linux, add the following line to /etc/sysconfig/ldap

export KRB5_KTNAME="FILE:_path_to_your_file"

And make sure the file is owned by the user you are going to run slapd

On my own system, that file is /etc/openldap/ldap.keytab and is mode 600
owned by user ldap, group ldap (slapd runs as user ldap).  Therefore,
the line in my /etc/sysconfig/ldap file is:

export KRB5_KTNAME="FILE:/etc/openldap/ldap.keytab"

If you are not running RedHat Linux, in what-ever script you have set up
to start slapd, just make sure the KRB5_KTNAME environment variable is
set with the appropriate value and exported prior to slapd being

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