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RE: Antwort: LDAP message layout values

at the netscape's sdk side, they do use some libraries,
and thus they can use e.g. the function ldap_simple_bind()

my LDAP client must run on an embedded hardware,
(other hardware and other operating system)
so I cannot use these libraries,
and thus I thought to implement a simple LDAP client my own
I only need the basis (bind, add, search and unbind for LDAP V2)

I was already possible to implement these messages myself,
but I am not sure about the different Tags in the messages

if you do look in the RFC's, then you do seen the layout of e.g. a bind
but if you do look with a sniffer, then there is always some extra bytes for
each parameter
I would like to have a page/document where these tags are described, 
and where their values are mentioned



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If you want, ican send you a source code which makes searches and print out
the value of each atrr.
It connects using ldaps.
There's good dok in the netscape's sdk site.
It's conforming the ldap rfc.


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I am coding a simple LDAP client.
I first make a Socket connection to the LDAP server,
and I do want to send a bind, add etc...
I did take a look at the LDAP messages by usage of some different LDAP
clients with a sniffer,
and I do see some logic in the messages,
but the complete syntax in not clear to me.
(also the layout is sometimes slightly different for the different clients)
in the different RFC, you can see the layout of a bind etc...,
but in the LDAPmessage captured by the sniffer,
there is always some more values,
I assume these are tags (a kind of header)

--> My question : where do I find a detailed description of the layout of
the LDAP messages,
(on IP packet level)
or also : which VALUES must be written for which messages?

I know there are different open source clients,
but I need a specific (small) client my own

can someone please help me?

If I am on the wrong mailing list,
please point me to any usefull direction