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New edition of LDAP presentation

I posted a new version of my LDAP/OpenLDAP presentation yesterday
afternoon.  It has grown to a robust 311 pages. :)


Below is a very rough outline of the current document:

1. What is LDAP?
2. Schema
3. Structural (Partitioning)
4. Special attributes and objectclasses
4.a Metainformation
4.b Schema browseing
4.c Control & Extended operations
4.d psuedo-attribues
4.e aliases
4.f extensibleObject
5. Configuration (global)
6. Configuration (backend)
7. Performance tips
8. back-sql (incomplete)
9. Replication
10. Access control
10.a Group matching
10.b Regular expressions
10.c dnattr & selfwrite
10.d ssf
10.e psuedo-attributes
11. Access control with ACI
12. Common objectclasses
13. System integration
13.a syslog
13.b PAM & NSS
14. Migration scripts
15. Example NSS objects
16. Bind & SRV records
17. General data tips (loading)
18. The OpenLDAP utilities
19. Third party LDAP utilites
20. Sendmail
20.a mailrouting
20.b aliases
20.c generics
20.d access control
20,e GNARWL (incompelete)
21. Samba 2.2.3a PDC
22. bind (incomplete)
22.a the dnsZone schema
23. pppd (empty)
24. ILS
25. xml & xml-rpc
25.a DSML
26. xmlBlaster
27. Active directory (very incomplete)
28. PHP (empty)
29. C (incomplete)
29.a API
29.b Basic query example
30. AIX (very incomplete, can't get this to work)
31. Links