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question about ACL's

Hi, all!

Lets suppose, that I have static groups(for example,
groupofuniquenames) with attribute 'owner', in which
listed cn of other static group.

dn: cn=group1,ou=groups,dc=root
objectclass: groupofuniquenames
uniquemeber: uid=u1,ou=people,dc=root
uniquemember: uid=u45, ou=people,dc=root
owner: cn=role1,ou=roles,dc=root

dn: cn=group2,ou=groups,dc=root
owner: cn=role5,ou=groups,dc=root


dn: cn=group56,ou=groups,dc=root


dn: cn=role1,ou=roles,dc=root
objectclass: groupofuniquenames
uniquemember: uid=u345,ou=people,dc=root


Is this possible to write ACL rule with current openldap , which will
give right to change attributes of users, who are members of group
to managers of that group(users, who are members of 'owner' group)?

	Best regards, -- Eugeny.

You single-handedly fought your way into this hopeless mess.