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Storing references...

Hi ,
	Any idea what this objectClass "referral" is ?????.

Basically I have one entry in my LDAP tree and the attribute of that entry
need to store a reference to one entry somewhere else.


dn: cn=AdministrationSite,cn=CCU,ou=Roles,ou=ABS,ou=Application,o=Agilisys
ou: Application
ou: ABS
ou: Roles
cn: CCU
cn: cn=Site,cn=Administration,ou=Modules,ou=ABS,ou=Application,o=Agilisys
objectclass: organizationalRole

Now in my above example "cn: cn=Site,
cn=Administration,ou=ABS,ou=Application,o=Agilisys" attribute stores
reference to an entry with "dn=cn=Site,
cn=Administration,ou=ABS,ou=Application,o=Agilisys". But now the problem is
my "CN" attribute has more than one value. Can I have some other attribute
which can store such reference ???