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How can i make openldap know where GNU regex library is?

 Good Morning, i am a chinese beginner with OpenLDAP, and  my english
is not my mother tongue. Please help me!!!
 I want to install OpenLDAP-2.0.23 into RedHat7.2,but the POSIX regex
software is required,so i have downloaded and installed 'regex-0.12.tar.gz'
to the /usr/local/ldap/regex-0.12/ directory. And i have put
  " CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/ldap/regex-0.12
    LIBS=-lgnuregex "
to the /etc/profile to try to let OpenLDAP know.
But when i './configure'the OpenLDAP, it still display:
"checking for compatible POSIX regex... no
 configure: error: broken POSIX regex!"
 So how can i make openldap know where the GNU regex library is?

 Please help me!
 Thanks a lot!

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