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Re: eduPerson object not working

I suppose this partially explains why the ldap.georgetown.edu gives a replay to
the query of ldap and a query to root. :-)


> Michael Gettes released the eduPerson schema as an LDAP change file. It expects a
> version 3 compatible LDAP that contains the schema as an object that can be changed
> while the server is running. OpenLDAP does not implement this (yet). Is iPlanet the
> only implementation? Someone needs to convert the change file to a schema file that is
> usable by OpenLDAP. I've heard of several people doing it and a lot of people say it
> should not be difficult but I've never seen anyone release their copy for inspection or
> use. Since it only adds 6 attributes and the changefile does provide all the details it
> really should not be hard to convert. But here I've been trying to learn LDAP for the
> past year and I still have not done it.

> Michael Gettes has also indicated in conferences that he made a mistake in the
> changefile. He made the eduPerson subordinate to inetOrgPerson but this is not
> required.