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Problems when query LDAP with SSL in HEAD

I am attempting to query an LDAP server using SSL, but am not able to encrypt the connection when using the command line tools.

This works when I query from Netscape Communicator (in the address book), and used to work when I was working with 2.0.23. However, I am now having problems with the HEAD version of the software. Can anyone offer advise on what needs to be done to allow me to communicate with the LDAP server with SSL from the command line? Ultimately, this is critical for our automated processes and the functionality of LDAP in our system. The exact problem appears to be the line:

TLS trace: SSL3 alert read:warning:bad certificate

Do I need to supply a client certificate? If so, how do I do this? Thanks in advance!


* Anthony Brock                                         abrock@georgefox.edu *
* Director of Network Services                         George Fox University *