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Re: (replication) slurpd trying to modify modifiersName?

Wil Cooley writes:

Also Sprach Jatin Nansi <jatin.nansi@timesgroup.com> on Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 03:18:27AM PST

I was trying out replication using slurpd.
I kept the replica binddn on the master the same as the rootdn on the slave.
At first I used the crypted password of the rootdn for credentials
in the replica entry. At that time I got the following in the slaves log:

Mar 21 16:27:28 jatinnansi slapd[6579]: conn=11 op=0 BIND dn="CN=JATIN,DC=TIMESGROUP,DC=COM" method=128 Mar 21 16:27:28 jatinnansi slapd[6579]: conn=11 op=0 RESULT tag=97 err=49 text= Mar 21 16:27:28 jatinnansi slapd[6574]: conn=11 op=1 UNBIND

So what is error 49?

/usr/include/ldap.h defines:


0x31 is 49 in decimal (you can convert with 'printf "0x%x" 49')

Then I changed the credentials on master to plain text. Now,
everything works fine on the master. It creates the replogfile OK.
Then when I start slurpd, I get the following in the slave log:

Mar 21 16:31:50 jatinnansi slapd[6574]: conn=14 op=4 RESULT tag=103 err=19 text=modifiersName: no user modification allowed

Why is the slurpd trying to modify the modifiersName, it is supposed to be updated by the slapd.

What can I do now??

I don't know; err 19 is 0x13:


This means the user that is trying to modify the entry
IS NOT the updatedn, that is the only one who's allowed
to alter no user modification attributes. Check the
binddn in the replica directive on the master and the
updatedn directive on the slave.


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