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(replication) slurpd trying to modify modifiersName?


I was trying out replication using slurpd.
I kept the replica binddn on the master the same as the rootdn 
on the slave.
At first I used the crypted password of the rootdn for credentials
in the replica entry. At that time I got the following in the slaves log:

Mar 21 16:27:28 jatinnansi slapd[6579]: conn=11 op=0 BIND 
Mar 21 16:27:28 jatinnansi slapd[6579]: conn=11 op=0 RESULT tag=97 err=49 
Mar 21 16:27:28 jatinnansi slapd[6574]: conn=11 op=1 UNBIND 

So what is error 49?

Then I changed the credentials on master to plain text. Now,
everything works fine on the master. It creates the replogfile OK.
Then when I start slurpd, I get the following in the slave log:

Mar 21 16:31:50 jatinnansi slapd[6574]: conn=14 op=4 RESULT tag=103 err=19 
text=modifiersName: no user modification allowed 

Why is the slurpd trying to modify the modifiersName, it is 
supposed to be updated by the slapd. 

What can I do now??


(btw please excuse so many messages, I really need to get this 
going soon :-) )