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Re: OpenLDAP and Solaris

Dirk Meul wrote:

If i'm right there is nobody running unmodified Solaris-clients with an
OpenLDAP server, isn't it? I.e no modules from PADL, but enable LDAP
with ldap_gen_profile and ldap_client. And not iPlanet server but

I hope someone show me that this is possible and how to do this. An
example LDIF would be great ;-)


Works fine for us with Openldap 2.0.23 and unmodified Solaris nss_ldap. You have to patch Openldap so that it sends operational attributes if you ask for the rootDSE in order to make Sun's nss_ldap happy. Look through the mailing list archives in order to find more. There is also documentation from Sun on docs.sun.com ("LDAP Setup and Configuration Guide" or "Implementing LDAP in the Solaris Operating Environment") with LDIF examples.

A good URL I found was http://www.ypass.net/solaris8/openldap (good recipe and documentation).


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