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ACL Problems

Hi all ,

i have the following ACL in my slapd.conf :

defaultaccess   read

access to dn="cn=admin,dc=iqdoq,dc=de"
        by * none

access to attr=userpassword
       by self write
       by dn="cn=admin,dc=iqdoq,dc=de" write
       by * compare


My problem is that I want to use the ldapsearch operation from JAVA over
JNDI but nothings happen . When I deactivate the ACL the result comes what's
wrong in this ACL.
I don't think that my Java Code is wrong, beacuse no Exception are thrown.

The only think what I want to do is that every User can hold his specific
data. When I have choose defaultaccess read, I remember that read contains
serach and compare.

Can I change the settings of the ACL , when the slapd is still running???? 

Can anybody help me !!!

Regards Ferruh