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I'm not sure where to post this message so here it goes.

I am trying to implement OpenLDAP user auth for a FreeBSD 
machine.  I am currently able to do this with Linux and Solaris.
Why, must my work have FreeBSD too? :)   I have been able
to compile OpenLDAP with openssl, pam ldap.  However, from reading
all the posts in every news group and trying for my self that
nsswitch portion FreeBSD has not been ported as of yet, well for
the part that would make LDAP work (not NIS or flat text which seems
supported)  Then how is everyone doing FreeBSD auth using LDAP ?
is there a commercial software to get the name services portion
in FreeBSD to work?   Someone point me to some documents or name
of a software that i can try ?   I would really like to have FreeBSD added
to centralized auth.   

Thanks for reading this long message.